Recipes for Cooking Vegetables, Potatoes & Rice

Here is a handy, quick reference chart to help you cook your carbs and vegetables like an expert


125g/5oz.250g/10oz500g/1¼lbsWater/125gStand time
Broccoli florets4 min6 min9 min1 tbsp2 min
Brussels sprouts3 min4½ min7 min2 tbsp3 min
Cabbage shredded6½ min9¾ min14 min6 tbsp4 min
Carrots, sliced4 min6 min9 min2 tbsp5 min
Courgettes, sliced3 min4½ min6½ minKnob of butter6 min
Turnip cubed4 Min6 Min9 Min1 tbsp7 min
Spinach1½ min2¼ min3½ minNone8 min
Leeks, chopped3 min4 min6 minKnob of butter
Parsnips3½ min5½ min8¼ min1 tbsp10 min
Cauliflower florets4 min6 min9 min2 tbsp11 min
Frozen cauliflower florets3½ min5½ min8¼ minNone12 min
Frozen corn-on-the cob1 ear – 4 min2 ears – 6 min3 ears – 9 minNone13 min
Frozen green beans5 min7 min10½ minNone14 min
Frozen peas4 min6 min9 minNone15 min
Frozen sweetcorn1½ min2¼ min3 minNone16 min
 Standing time is essential


124WaterStand time
Small3 Min4 Min6 MinNone3 Min
Medium3½ min5 Min8 MinNone4 Min
Large4 Min6 Min10 MinNone5 Min
Choose evenly sized potatoes, pierce with a fork and space evenly in the dish.
A cover is essential for cooking and standing as it traps steam and softens the skin.


QtySaltBoiling WaterTime at HighStand Time
Long grain rice8 oz1 tsp1 pint9 min5 Min
Brown rice8 oz1tsp1 pint10 min5 Min
Quick cook rice8 oz1 tsp1 pint7 min3 Min
Cooking times are from when water returns to the boil


QtySaltBoiling WaterTime at HighStand Time
Spegetti75g/2½ oz1 tbsp2 parts to one10 – 12 mins5 Min
Dried Pasta75g/2½ oz1 tbsp2 parts to one10 – 12 mins5 Min
Fresh Pasta75g/2½ oz1 tbsp2 parts to one4 – 5 mins3 Min
Noodles75g/2½ oz1 tbsp2 parts to one3 – 5 mins3 Min
Don’t worry about the salt as it is not absorbed by the pasta.  It roughens the surface for better adhesion of the sauce.  Stir well after water addition and before stand time

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