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Browning Dish and Lid


Unlock the true power of your microwave with the Microwave Browning Dish with Lid. It’s not the wattage of your microwave that matters: it’s what you do with it that counts, and with this clever pan inside, you can do a whole lot.


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The Browning Dish and Lid is an investment that will pay for itself over the course of countless satisfying meals. Cooks perfectly with a crisp outside and warm center, the way food should be.  The ultimate microwave hack, this clever dish gives your food that just-out-the-oven flavour but in a fraction of the time.

How the Browning Dish and Lid works

The Browning Dish and lid protects your microwave from food splashes.  Particles or contamination in the microwave attract microwave energy and reduce the efficiency of the oven. The lid also mitigates the cooling effect of the fan that’s built into every microwave. The fan is an essential element of your microwave as it removes moisture and prevents an uncontrolled heat buildup in the cavity.  The downside is that it cools the surface of your food. The lid prevents that heat loss, whilst retaining some of the moisture in the food.

This is why the Browning Dish and Lid also doubles as a great burrito cooker.  If you want to dazzle your friends with your technical knowledge, explain to them that the high sides on the lid diverts energy to the base, delivering improved crisping and distributing heat more evenly.

As everyone knows, crispy bacon is best bacon and with the Browning Dish and Lid in place, you can say goodbye to disappointing bacon butties and insipid chicken tendies. From now on, every instant meal will be a knockout success.

For Instructions and Recipes click in the link below

English Cookbook

Deutsches Kochbuch

Ricettario Italiano

Livre de Cuisine Français

Additional information

Weight 1070 g
Dimensions 280 × 280 × 115 mm


  1. James Connolly

    “If you find a fault with the product, just drop us a note. We will put things right to your satisfaction”. Comforting words from WaveWare’s Returns Policy. What is even better is that WaveWare does exactly that.

    And especially so when you live, as I do, a world away from WaveWare’s Ireland base: I had a problem with a browning dish. I don’t know the technicalities, but the exterior surface was deteriorating after only a month or two of use. A few emails back and forth, WaveWare stood by their “no quibbles” guarantee and cheerfully replaced the faulty item. Better, the replacement by first class airmail took less than a week to arrive to where I live, in New Zealand.

    All in all, it was a comforting experience to deal with a reputable company who displayed a keen sense of quality control coupled with excellent customer service. Their “putting it right” ethos and James’ friendly communications just couldn’t be bettered.


    Auckland, New Zealand.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    bobnjohn (verified owner)

    I just got this! From Ireland to Corona, CA, USA. Yes, it costs to ship something that far, but, people, it’s worth it!! Very well packaged, sturdy box, comes with a handy little cookbook and how to use. The main thing is that it works!! Sure, you might need to experiment a little with times and turning things, etc, but it will cook and CRISP things! So, for me, for a total of under USD$45, that has to be worth it!

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